Daily Archives: December 30, 2015

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has been in the NFL for six seasons, catching 378 passes for 5,537 yards and a ridiculous 65 touchdowns. Gronk’s done nothing but set records and prove that he’s one of the best players in franchise history. On Sunday against the New York […]

Rob Gronkowski has the most receiving yards

Giant squids usually remain in the dark depths of the ocean or in pirate stories. However, late last week on Christmas Eve, a squid from this elusive species was spotted swimming at the sea’s surface. The amazing footage was captured on December 24, 2015, in Toyama Bay on the west coast of Japan. It’s believed […]

Giant Squid Captured On Camera In Japanese Bay

Meet Shan Cooper, an avid health nut and fitness guru. Shan keeps her 13-month-old daughter, Grace, on a meat and veggie heavy diet since birth. Shan claims that, due to her diet, Grace has only fallen sick once since the time of her birth, which is quite impressive. While Shan […]

This Baby Has Never Eaten Sugar Since Birth

Among other things, Medieval Europe was known for its insanely superstitious beliefs in the supernatural. They led to some pretty brutal acts of violence and desecrations of the recently dead. While some of us may be familiar with various forms of vampire burials, a newly discovered superstitious tradition from the […]

If You Find A Body Buried With A Sickle, There’s ...