Back in the 1980s, someone at the Preus Museumin Norway discovered a catalogue of century-old photographs in a box marked “private.” According to museum officials, there’s nothing strange about uncovering private, sentimental images tucked away with collections of professional work. It’s something that happens all the time when people go […]

There’s Something Surprisingly Modern About This Collection Of 100-Year-Old Photos

While most people can’t effectively apply paint to canvas, New York-based artist Trina Merry expertly paints entire bodies to melt into some of the most iconic backdrops in the world. Inspired by the likes of Marina Abramović and Amanda Palmer, Merry blends performance artistry and a serious visual arts education […]

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One of my biggest regrets is not taking advantage of the stories my 90-year-old grandmother could have shared with me while she was alive. Like Clara Cannucciari, who has also now passed on, my grandmother lived through the Great Depression and likely could have shared similar recipes with me if […]

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