As a woman, understanding men seriously confuses me. The general consensus I’m getting is that men are equally confused by the mysterious creatures that are women. Sorry guys! Sex and gender… apparently it’s super complicated stuff. Obviously, people just love to exaggerate the stereotypes. Let’s face it, we don’t dictate […]

19 Differences Between Men And Women

We live in this weird paradox where, on one hand, people are striving to make their online-selves seem as cool and chic as possible, yet those same people simultaneously forget to shower for three days and go shopping at the local Walmart with unclipped toenails and their ass-crack hanging out. […]

14 Weird Things You’ll Only See At Walmart

Don’t you just get the feeling you’re being watched sometimes? As someone who takes the bus constantly, I have no problem accepting that I’m a people watcher, and there’s no better place to find some of the worst people in the world than on public transit. There’s a reason everyone’s […]

Photos That Will Make You Say ‘WTF