What This Guy Built In His Backyard Is The Most Impressive Bomb Shelter Of All Time

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People these days often forget just how close the world was to complete and utter annihilation during the Cold War. In those days, the average person was at a heightened state of alert pretty much constantly.

And incessant paranoia can make people do some crazy things — things like building enormous bomb shelters into hillsides made from the frames of old school buses. That’s exactly what Bruce Beach did.

Beach (pictured below) began construction on the Ark Two shelter during the early 1980s in the small Canadian village of Horning’s Mills, which is just north of Toronto.


The 10,000-square-foot shelter is designed to sustain up to 500 people for the amount of time it would take for radiation levels following a nuclear strike to reach normal again.


Beach used the frames of 42 school buses and then poured concrete on them to create the interior of the shelter. The whole thing is powered by redundant diesel generators, and it’s said to be virtually impenetrable to anything short of a direct nuclear strike.


The shelter includes two commercial kitchens and a full plumbing system with a private well and septic tank, as well as a radio room, chapel, and decontamination chamber.


The shelter also has a deployable antenna that is capable of transmitting radio waves all over North America.


Looks pretty cool, right? So how do you secure your place in the shelter ahead of the apocalypse?


Beach says that he would not charge money for a spot in the shelter. In exchange for “sweat equity” and active involvement in the Ark Two community’s various activities, a person living near the shelter could secure their place in case of a disaster.


In the event of an actual attack, Beach foresees the majority of the shelter’s residents being children. Beach thinks of his shelter as more of an underground orphanage where the new generation could be spared from a nuclear apocalypse.


It doesn’t look like the most appetizing selection of food, but if the alternative is deadly radiation, I’m sure it’ll be fine.


Beach is also heavily critical of the modern “prepper” movement.


He says that these folks are too concerned with personal survival and not focused enough on rebuilding the world after a disaster.


(via Reddit)

On one hand, Beach sounds like a real humanitarian for doing what he’s doing. On the other hand, being locked inside an underground bunker with hundreds of children in the event of a nuclear attack seems like it would just be chaos.



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