These 24 Painting Tips Will Make Redoing That Wall Way Less Stressful

Painting a room can be really daunting. After you’ve chosen the color (which is trouble enough!), you’ve got to worry about the actual execution of the project. The possible mess and impending screw-ups here and there are enough to drive a person nuts! Luckily, these 24 tips will leave you feeling relieved!

1. Thought lint rollers were only good for getting rid of cat hair?


Lint-roll your cheap paint roller before you start. That way, the fuzzy bits don’t get into your paint.

2. Swiffers aren’t just for the floor anymore!


Wipe down your walls to make sure they’re not covered in paint-ruining dust.

3. Plastic tablecloths are cheaper and more durable than plastic sheets, and less slippery than canvas cloth.


For wood floors, put them plastic side down (less slippage). For carpet…plastic side up!

4. Line your paint tray with one of those plastic bags you’ve been hoarding under the kitchen sink.


You’ll never have to wash another tray again!

5. You can also use tinfoil.



6. A few drops of vanilla extract will take away that horrible paint smell.


That’s right, it’s not just for cooking anymore.

7. Use a “W” painting method for full, even coverage.


8. Soak your used brushes in fabric softener.


It’ll get rid of the crustiness, and as a bonus, they’ll smell nice!

9. Soaking your brush in cleaning vinegar is also an option.


10. Keep your tape right at hand, literally.


Cut up an old gym sock and put the ankle portion on your wrist.

11. But don’t waste your time taping around trim…


Just use a precision, stiff-angled brush instead.

12. Cut off those crusty edges on used paint rollers.


Wouldn’t want to leave weird lines on your freshly painted accent wall, would you?

13. Want to transform your drab concrete patio into something awesome?


14. Just make sure you cover it in a coat of white vinegar first.


15. Painting in a tight spot?



16. Use screws or nails to elevate light chairs.


This way, the paint won’t get stuck to your newspaper or tarp.

17. Paint Vaseline over itty-bitty spots you don’t want painted.


Paint the whole piece and wipe off that tiny area when it’s all dry. Voila!

18. You can also use lip balm and this trick when you’re painting window trim.


19. Use heat to pull off masking tape.


It melts the adhesive a little bit so it won’t tear while you pull it off.

20. If your furniture feels rough after the paint has dried, rub a brown paper bag over the surface.


Smooth as a baby’s bottom. Kinda.

21. Stop unwanted dripping with just a coat hanger.


You can also stretch a rubber band around the can.

22. Don’t waste paint! Scrape it off your roller with a putty knife.


23. If you only have a little bit of paint left


This way, you’ll be able to touch up scuffs or chipping in a breeze.

24. Before closing your paint can, line it with plastic wrap so the paint doesn’t stick shut


So make sure to cover your paint can with some rags or some paper towels before you hammer it shut.




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