How China Is Trying To Cure Its Smog Problem Sounds Just Insane Enough To Work

Smog in China is a problem. A huge problem.

Nowadays, pictures of China look like they were taken on some gaseous planet on the outer rim of the Star Wars universe. But the Asian country has a plan to mitigate their devastating air pollution issue…or so they think.

As cartoony as it sounds, they’re aiming to literally blast their pollution away with giant water cannons. The result is supposed to essentially mimic the effects of a massive asthma inhaler.

Air pollution in China is a major health concern for the country, but is most noticeable in the larger cities like Beijing.


For example, recently an eight-year-old Chinese girl contracted lung cancer from the polluted air, the youngest case in the entire world.

But China believes they have the solution — giant cannons that shoot water!


In theory, each droplet that shoots out of the cannon attaches itself to dust particles in the smog. This causes them to fall to the ground, rather than enter people’s lungs.


Called the “Multi-Function Dust Suppressors,” the cannons can supposedly spray a constant mist for 75 minutes, covering an area of 330 feet.


The main problem with this “solution” is that there are cities in China that arealso experiencing drought, so spraying water in the air seems almost gluttonous.


Also, this a pretty surefire way to pollute the lakes and streams, in addition to the air.

Nonetheless, this approach is becoming increasingly popular in Chinese cities. In addition to Beijing, where this was first implemented, Guigang, Changsha, and Zhuzhou have all purchased cannons to help with the pollution.

This may just be me, but when a country is relying on oversized Super Soakers to allow its citizens to breathe, I think it’s time to take a look at the bigger picture of carbon emissions.



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