If You Think The Only Way To Make Donuts Is By Frying Them, You HAVE To See This

When you’re craving a donut for breakfast, you probably head to Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts for a fix. Unless you’re Martha Stewart, you definitely don’t consider making them yourself — what, with all of the frying and glazing involved. That’s where you’re wrong.

Before you chow down on a greasy, fast food confection, watch the video below. Trust us, they’re easier to whip up than you thought — and there’s no frying involved! Plus, the secret ingredient to making them moist and rich is probably sitting in your refrigerator right now!

(source OnePotChefShow)

I never knew that you could make donuts with vanilla yogurt. This recipe is so simple, but the finished product looks so delicious. I like blueberries, but I might try making these with strawberries instead. Will you give these a whirl at home?



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