Man Rescues A Foal Stuck Between The Boards Of A Bridge As Its Mother Waits Patiently

Animals love their babies the same way we do. However, our babies are usually pretty safe from hazards while growing up (kid-proofing everything is what most parents do when they have a baby). Animals can’t do as much to keep their little ones safe in a world we’ve built. Their natural defenses are not designed around some of the hazards modern society has created. This is an amazing rescue that proves some people are willing to help bridge the gap, literally.

A horse is standing on a bridge when a man approaches with his camera. Something white squirms on the bridge beside the horse. A foal barely old enough to walk is stuck in between the boards that make up the bridge, and both look helpless. Without hesitation the man puts down his camera and does everything he can to help the little horse out of its predicament. When you see this amazing rescue, you won’t be able to stop smiling.

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