These Mummified Animal Corpses In The Gaza Zoo Are Straight From Your Nightmares

When it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it’s no secret that the ongoing struggle has taken its toll on both sides of the border. Some of the lesser-known victims of the conflict were the helpless, innocent animals left behind at the Gaza Zoo during Israel’s 2014 offensive against the territory.

Below is a photo of Mohammed Awada.


Awada spent most of his fortune opening the zoo in 2007. Later that year, Israel launched another wave of attacks, and workers were prevented from entering the zoo to care for the animals. It happened again in 2014, and almost 100 animals died in their cages from neglect.

The zoo is mostly closed today, and there are dozens of cages just like this one that are filled with the mummified corpses of innocent animals.


Of the 100 animals present at the beginning of the 2014 conflict, only 20 were still alive when Awada and his staff returned.


About 1.7 million people live in the Gaza Strip, which is overseen by a militant group called Hamas. Sadly, there is no part of the Hamas government that is responsible for the welfare of zoo animals.


Essentially, the zoo is left completely unsupervised, and it’s at the mercy of the Israeli military.


Rather than burying or cremating the dead animals, Awada and the zoo staff went for taxidermy instead. They put the corpses back in their respective enclosures.


Those poor animals. They never asked to be dropped into a war zone. We can only hope that the end wasn’t too painful for them.

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