People In Oklahoma Are Leaving Coolers On Their Porches For One Heartwarming Reason

for the past few weeks, a heat wave has struck the state of Oklahoma, bringing scorching hot temperatures to the area and making life unbearable. While some may relax and rest in the comfort of their air-conditioned homes or offices, others do not have that luxury. This is especially true for those that work outside and in the heat.

Take the men and women of the Postal Service as an example. They spend their entire day outside in the wicked hot heat. Delivering mail is an incredibly dehydrating task under these weather conditions, but thankfully, a community of homeowners is trying to pay it forward and make a difference. The people living in a community known as The Village are leaving coolers on their porches, a sweet gesture that helps increase the quality of life for people working in the heat. These coolers have chilled beverages such as Gatorade and water! Isn’t this awesome?

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