the reason of success

the reason of success

in the Qur’an, Saul, the army leader,tells his soldiers during their advance
“God will test you at the stream: if any drinks of its water, he goes not with my army: only those who taste not of it go with me: a mere sip out of the hand is excused but they all drank of it except a few,”
so victory in the battle is linked to victory over one’s desires.
despite being thirsty, they were not to drink.
they were allowed to sip only a handful of the river water.
yet the result was “they all drank of it except a few”
those few are the minority in every era and they uphold the motto:
“resist your lust, tolerate what you hate”
the whole words is summed up in this motto.
this motto comprises life as a whole.
the whole world is the river flowing below us,
where of each one of us takes some;
one may only take a handful, while the other a while pot,
God created this world to sort out those few people;
to pick them out of the whole majority
after sorting them out,
God admits them to his paradise as they are the believers
they are the true believers the rest are ful for desire in life
and fuel for hell in the hereafter
may we be of those
who resist what they lust for and tolerate what they hate
so what i want to tell you that the reason of success is “resist your lust, tolerate what you hate”



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