The Secret and key to genius

the point that i wish to extend to you here is about the secret and key to genius

there is a difference here

sometimes we take things for granted thinking they are common and normal, whereas a genius never does that, he contemplates.

This trait was how Einstein started his research which led to his discovery he found it strange that light speed was constant though its source was mobile.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

what we take for granted he sees as intriguing and requries an explanation.

this applies to Newton when he saw a apple falling from a tree.
to us, there is nothing unusual about that. but for Newton, there was something unusual about that.
Why? because the earth is a celestial body moving in space, so if an apple fell from a tree it’d float is space,
and not fall down on the ground, if there was no gravity. similarly, ocean water would have been spilt in space too!
how come water remains within the boundaries of the ocean ?!
Newton observed and found what he saw as intriguing
which marked the birth of the theory of gravity.

issac newton

issac newton

the same thing happened to a mathematician who lived 3000 years ago in Asyut, and was called Aristotnes.
that man was once sitting next to a well in Asyut, and noticed that the shadow of a stick fixed in earth before him
measured differently from the same shadow in Aswan at the same hour.
the shadow in Asyut had different length from that in Aswan
he figured out that the only explanation was that the earth was spherical
he brought a piece of paperm scribbled for a while, and calculated earth’s circumference.
this took place about 3000 years ago in Asyut,Egypt
an ovservation led that discovery!


we all see how shadows of things can be different according of the place.
but, only a genius would pause and ponder.

the same happened to the physicist Roentgen who discovered X-rays.
he was searching about his laboratory and found some camera films…
he found that some of his camera films were overexposed
he was surorused how that happened the films were wrapped in black paper and were in a wooden case.
how was it overexposed? Weird! how did light get in? it was pitch dark.
he was conducting an experiment on cathode rays,
so rays emitted by apparatus he was using must have penetrated the wooden case and destroyed the film.
so there must be rays emitted by the equipment.
experiments began on cathode rays which led to the discovery of X-rays

Wilhelm Röntgen

Wilhelm Röntgen

in a nutshell what im trying to say is that the difference between a genius and an ordinary person
is that the genius sees beyond what is conventional…
breaks free from the shackles of habitude.
what we regard as commonplace he sees as intriguing and needs an explanation
Newton “why’d an apple fall and hit earth? it should float in space!”
a genius thinks differently, takes nothing for granted, and sees something unusual in ordinary things
this attitude and ability is also due to a quality these people enjoy.
what is this quality?
an ordinary person lives in this world distracted due to everyday life issues,
life keeps him too busy to think;
that’s to say, food, drink, lust, money, the quest for fame,… or power etc etc
these are distractions that shackle the brain and keep people too busy to think,
so the mind cannot break free and explore wider horizons of observation,
as it is shackled by commonplace habits and relations.
i dare say that our minds are enslaved by our habits!
most of us cannot think in a way that is devoid from what we take for granted.
only a genius can break free from everyday habits and customs,
a genius has a different approach and way of thinking
regandring food, drink and the lusts and desires people kill to satisfy and fulfill,
the quest for money, fame, reputation, power, a genius can break free.
also pious people are different; their main goal is break free from enslaving habits.
they say that the most important quality in man is to resist what he desires and tolerates what he hates.
only then, man can come out of his cocoon of desires.
this cocoon of his is none other than everyday life,
that’s life with all its attractions and distractions;
food, drink, lusts, avarice and all that.
people are in a are race. they break free from these shackles.
this is the golden rule; resist your desires, tolerate what you hate.



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