These Seemingly Normal Photos Are Actually Very Disturbing

Each Of These Seemingly Innocent Photos Have A Truly Dark Back Story


They say any picture is worth a thousand words, but these pictures? They’re worth so much more. The back stories of these seemingly innocent snapshots are dark…and some disturbing. Many of them were taken just moments before something truly horrifying and infamously tragic occurred. When you think about just what the subjects of these photos don’t know, you’ll get chills.

1.) John Lennon And Mark David Chapman.


This is one of the last known photos of John Lennon before he was killed. In the picture he is giving an autograph to an eager fan. Little did he know that fan was Mark David Chapman, the man who would eventually murder him.

2.) 19th Century Family Photo.


The reason a lot of pictures from this era are are so blurry is that the process for taking a photo took a very long time so what you’re seeing is the people shifting positions. In this picture you’ll notice that the girl up front isn’t blurry. This is because she had died earlier that day.

3.) Pogo The Clown.


Admittedly, this isn’t exactly this doesn’t look like the cuddliest clown ever, but who would have thought that Pogo would turn out to be serial murderer and rapist John Wayne Gacy? While performing as Pogo during the day, Gacy murdered 30 young males throughout the 1970’s.

4.) Class Photo.


This looks like any photo from any high school in the late 90’s, but if you look in the top left hand corner you’ll notice to boys with mimed guns pointing at the camera. Those are Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the infamous murderers of the Columbine shootings. This is the class picture of Columbine High School, 1999.

5.) Travis Alexander.


This dreamy looking photo was taken by this man’s girlfriend. It may look harmless, if a little sentimental, but actually this is the last photo taken of Travis Alexander before the woman holding the camera stabbed and shot him.

6.) James Bulgar.


The little boy in this security camera photo is James Bulgar, a five your old boy who will soon be abducted and killed by two ten year old boys. The boys were caught and became the youngest convicted murders of the 20th century.

7.) Omagh Bombing.


This photo of a father and daughter was taken on August 15th, 1998, moments before that red car would explode killing 29 people in an orchestrated plot from an extreme group within the Irish Republican Army.

8.) Heaven’s Gate Cult.


This a picture taken of members of the Heaven’s Gate Cult who were convinced by their leader that the world was ending and they needed to commit suicide in order to be safely transported in some sort of ethereal space ship.

9.) Tyler Hadley.


Tyler Hadley murdered both of his parents one Florida evening. He spent 3 hours cleaning up the blood and hiding the bodies before inviting his friends over for a party and having this picture taken of him.

There’s no way the people behind the camera knew these pictures would one day hold such historic value. That they captured is truly shocking.