These Sisters Drove A Car Over Their Mother…And When You Learn Why, You’ll Be In Tears

Mother’s Day just passed, and I sure hope no one forgot to celebrate their mother. After all, they do so much for us throughout our lives that even the most cynical and jaded person has to appreciate their mother’s sacrifices. Some mothers can definitely be more supportive and caring than others, but that doesn’t stop the fact that we are indebted to our mothers for simply being here.

These girls can thank their mother for pulling off the ultimate sacrifice. Their family’s story is so gut-wrenching and compelling that you will need to stick around until the very end of their video to see what happened.

(via Chloe Veron)

Most of us don’t ever have to experience the grief and sadness that these girls went through at a young age. Their mother saved their lives at the expense of her own. No one knows a mother’s love quite like these two girls.



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