They Redesigned Their Kitchen…And Used A Trick That’s Super Cheap And Easy

Redesigning or renovating a kitchen is a scary thought for many. Even if it’s a small project, it always seems like the budget grows and grows until you wonder why you ever opted for that new light fixture over the stovetop. (“It was supposed to be just $25 — how’d it become $250!”)

This couple knew their space needed a serious upgrade but didn’t want to break the bank by hiring someone to do it. Instead, they took the project on themselves, but when you see the results you won’t believe how inexpensive it was…or how professional it looks!

Here’s what they were working with — definitely needs a new look.


First, they removed all the doors.


After cleaning them and lightly sanding them, they were ready!


Two coats of dark stain made them look brand-new.


They got to work on the cabinets…


And after a few layers of stain, things were looking better.


Everything went back on and they added a top coat for an extra-dark hue.


Next step? The backsplash.


These peel-and-stick tiles were affordable and look great.

When all was said and done, they splurged a little on a new refrigerator and table and chairs.


This just goes to show that a fresh coat of paint — or in this case, stain — can work wonders on making a space look completely fresh.



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