This ‘Alien Warship’ Was Seen Over Earth Near The International Space Station

Since 1998, the world has looked towards the International Space Station (ISS) as a promise of humanity’s potential to one day spread across the galaxy. Regardless of whether you feel this is a realistic dream, you have to agree that the ISS is an unparalleled feat of modern engineering. On the ground, we only see the ISS as a tiny speck of light. High up in Earth’s orbit, however, the ISS, whose outside cameras are always running, has seen quite a few bizarre, UFO-like things recently…

The latest ‘odd’ things spotted by ISS cameras were these two large columns of light.


If you were to jump to conclusions, you could easily imagine the beams of light as coming from an alien warship attacking Earth. Sadly, we only got a brief glimpse of the objects before the ISS camera feed cut out. Conspiracy?

As I mentioned earlier, the ISS has been the focus of several unexplained UFO sightings over the last year. NASA has refused to comment on most of them, and the others they’ve dismissed as coincidences.


Yet as the sighting numbers continue to grow, I can’t help but get the sense that something is afoot. Check out the original footage from the ISS camera below.

I am now officially retiring into my alien-proof bunker while I come up with a plan to create a human resistance force against our new galactic overlords. It’s been nice knowing you…



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