What Neighbors Did During A Terrible Snowstorm Is Just AWESOME

Neighbors Save A Man’s Life By Getting Him To The Hospital For Dialysis Treatment


67-year-old Jim Nugent was one of thousands of Hamburg, New York, residents snowed in during the recent snowstorm. What made the storm extra scary for Nugent is that he is a dialysis patient andneeded to get to treatment.

Since Nugent’s street was completely covered in snow, he couldn’t leave the house. After missing four treatments, his body started to weaken. That’s when worried neighbors stepped in and teamed up to help shovel snow and get him to the hospital as soon as possible.

Nugent says he can’t thank his neighbors enough and that he’s forever grateful. “It was great,” said Nugent. “Every person from every house came down and helped shovel. I actually broke down and cried because I saw so many people shoveling and helping, and it was all for me because I had to get to treatment.” This is a truly wonderful story of camaraderie and friendship.