You Really Can Make Anything With Old Wooden Pallets — Even A Swimming Pool

Maybe you’ve wished of having a pool in your backyard, a place to escape the heat of summer and relax. For most of us, though, the dream of a pool remains just that…a dream. For Facebook user Torben Jung, though, that wasn’t enough. He wanted a pool, so by using cheap, recycled materials, he created one for himself. Sound impossible? It wasn’t.

Jung started with some old pallets he found online. He used an instructional video to execute the design.


He was able to make a classic pool shape.



Next came the waterproof lining.


And more lining!



Siding was added to the outside for a more finished look.


And then it was time to fill the pool.


Jung also included a pool pump in his design, so the water will stay clean.

Finally…it’s time to enjoy the pool! (And the view.)


According to Jung, this whole project cost him only 70 euros, or about 77 U.S. dollars, which isn’t too bad for a whole pool. If you don’t want to make a full-sized pool, you can also adapt the instructions to make a kiddie pool. Or just use pallets to make pool furniture.




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